Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Tueday and Wednesday!

Tue; today the Moon is in the fresh like mountain air sign of Capricorn! The Moon is joining energy with Pluto in Capricorn. This is great for amazing will power! The dynamic to watch out for is jealousy. This combination can create deep and long lasting results! I think it's smart to tread lightly and carefully similar to when you are at the top of a mountain or flight of stairs-the view is good but a false move can make for a tough landing!

Mars the action planet is in the frisky sign of Sagittarius encouraging us all to develop our intelligence and aligning us with our dreams! Upbeat but possibly accident prone. Take a deep breath and keep body and mind together! Lasts through Dec. 7th.

Wednesday: The Moon continues it's presence in Capricorn but is not with Pluto anymore. The Moon will be making a favorable dynamic with Jupiter the planet of opportunities and good luck. Great for harmony, pleasant interactions with men and women and prosperity!:D



  1. Thank you Ann!
    I really appreciate your predictions!

  2. You're Welcome Gretchen! How was your birthday? :D