Wednesday, February 29, 2012


For the 1st

Today the Moon will be in Gemini all day. It is a great day to multitask and you can also make connections easily! When the Moon's in Gemini you can easily get in touch with your deepest thoughts! There is a nice trine to Saturn which is great for smooth karma & validation! You are clear on what you want & what you need too! You can also go forward with what you are trying to get done with this trine! As the day progresses there will be a nice trine to Neptune & this is great for taking a trip or listening to music! Your level of creativity will be high!

Have a great day!
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Ann Combs :D

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For the 29th

Today the Moon will be in light hearted Gemini all day! The Sun and Moon are both in what are called the mutable or flexible signs. You can make connections easily and will probably have lots of options. It is a great day to talk with those you love & to also enjoy some music.

Venus will sextile Neptune and this is good for inspiration, love and self improvement.

Have a great day!
Ann Combs
authoress of Astrology and Your Lucky Star!
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Monday, February 27, 2012


For the 28th

The Moon will be in peaceful Taurus until 7:28 P.M; then it will go into the loves to communicate and travel sign of Gemini!

During the day the Moon will trine Mars and this is good for putting your emotions & feelings in synch. It is a go getter dynamic that is great for business, too!

The Sun will be opposite Mars & this can cause power swings & can also signal the completion of large projects! It does create a lot of energy but it can be accident prone as well so not a good day for risks.

The Sun is getting a boost from Pluto that is good for rejuvenation & putting you in touch with what is truly important!

Have a great day! :D
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Ann Combs

Sunday, February 26, 2012


For Mon.

The Moon will be in peaceful, sensual Taurus all day! There will be a nice trine to Mars which puts your feelings & instincts in synch! The Sun is sextiling Jupiter which is great for helping you make your life happy at the conscious level. Also great for career! The Sun will still be joining energies with romantic Neptune.
This combo is romantic, nostalgic and loving. It can be trusting and confused as well so make sure you double check the facts. This is a great day to create what you truly want in life!

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Have a great day!
Ann Combs
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Saturday, February 25, 2012


For the 26th

Today the Moon goes into Taurus bright & early at 6:31 A.M!

The Moon will be joining forces with the lucky one-moneybags Jupiter all day!

The Moon will also be sextiling Pluto and that is good for sheer willpower and rejuvenation. Both of these sextiles are good for being perceptive and you may see a new way to make your life better!:D

Have a great day!
Ann Combs
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Friday, February 24, 2012


For Fri. & Sat.

The Moon will be in Aries through Sun. morning!

Fri. the Moon will be getting a positive trine from the North Node in Sagittarius giving us luck in relationships, long travels and anything to do with your idealism and international goals! Instincts are good and your optimism level high. There is also a joining of forces with Uranus the brilliant and your thoughts are original and bright! This combo can be accident prone so not a good day for risks or taking chances with electricity. As the day passes the Uranus connection wanes and the Moon then joins forces with Venus the mild and sweet!

Sat. the Moon will be joining energies with Venus all day! This is great for all your relationships whether it's your children, pets, family, friends or your significant other. In the evening the Moon will be opposite Saturn. This is the reality check of the day. Big projects may come to fruition or there may be arguing with your partner. The Moon and Saturn will be in the cheerful active signs that sometimes have rough edges. The Sun is still joining forces with Neptune the mellow so that is a help. The Sun is also sextiling both Pluto and Jupiter getting energized favorably from both the before and the after!

Find out how all these dynamics are benefiting you!
Ann Combs
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Monday, February 20, 2012


For the 21st:

Today is the new Moon! It will be at 2:36 p.m!

New Moons are great for new beginnings and with this one it's all about your largest and finest goals! Today you can set the tone for the next 28 days! This N.Moon is sandwiched between Pluto and Jupiter as well as being energized by Neptune the planet of bliss!

With the sextile from Pluto your problem solving ability is high and you can rejuvenate emotionally & physically as well!

With the sextile from Jupiter you can expand your horizons, travel and see the future accurately! You can also learn large amounts of information!

With the Sun joining with Neptune be careful in all your business dealings as there may be deception. On the flip side Neptune is super perceptive and blissful and you may get a glimpse of paradise!

This new Moon is full of facets like a well cut diamond so I think it's a good idea to decide what you want and tune in on it!

Have a great day!
Ann Combs

Sunday, February 19, 2012


For the 20th

Today the Moon will be in Aquarius all day! You can get a lot done in a short amount of time with this electrical Moon! The Sun will be joining energies with an asteroid called Pallas and your warrior will be activated!

You will want justice-be careful of questionable people because this combination can cause the innocent to be punished and you don't need that! The Sun will also join Neptune the planet of bliss and compassion. You may feel like you are floating on air-just be careful of not keeping your feet on the ground. Art, dance, photography and healing highlighted! Have a great day!

Ann Combs
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Saturday, February 18, 2012


For Feb. 19th

Today the Moon goes into Aquarius bright & early 2:30 AM Pacific Time. There will be a square to Saturn but luckily this occurs mostly through the night & will be wearing off by morning! The Moon will be sextiling Uranus which is good for sparks and puts some sizzle into your day! The Sun will be joining Neptune the planet of bliss and you may feel like relaxing or getting in some spiritual study. This pairing is great for expanding your heart and you may also enjoy making the world a better place for people or pets. Just be sure you are helping or giving to the right ones because Sun with Neptune is very trusting & it's no fun to be taken advantage of. Have a great day!

Ann Combs
authoress of Astrology and Your Lucky Star-now in it's fourth printing!
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Friday, February 17, 2012


For the 19th

Today the Moon is in the clear sign of Capricorn! There will be a trine with Mars the ambitious and you will be able to get a lot in gear today! Capricorn is the most extreme sign in the zodiac so today may not have much in the way of a buffer or middle ground but you will have practicality and enthusiasm.

There is at least one placement in the largest fire sign, largest earth, and largest water. I think this makes it easy to do something really large or important! The Sun goes into Pisces Sat. night!

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and this is a great cycle to finish your really big projects and to seek the largest realm! Have a great day!

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Ann Combs

Thursday, February 16, 2012


For the 17th

Today the Moon is in Capricorn all day! There will be a powerful joining of forces with the Moon and Pluto acting together! Pluto is about your passions and what is really intensely important to you. Having the emotional Moon join forces with Pluto means that you can get in touch with your deep feelings and what really matters to you! There are also good dynamics from Jupiter that spread the cheer and make today upbeat at the subconscious level! And if all that isn't enough there are also good dynamics from Neptune, Mercury and Saturn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

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Ann Combs

Sunday, February 12, 2012


For the 13th

Today the Moon is in Scorpio all day! Moon in Scorpio is intense & passionate! The Moon is sandwiched favorably in between Mars and Pluto. Mars sextile Moon is great for intuition and going for it! Your level of enthusiasm is high! The Moon will sextile Pluto which is passionate and this sextile is all about destiny and the serious relationship!

You can find emotional happiness today! Your ability to transform your life into one that is happy and healthy is good too! Find out more about your important relationship-my book has a gold mine of information!

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Have a great day! :D
Ann Combs

Friday, February 10, 2012


For the 11th

Today the Moon will be in the sweet sign of Libra! With the Sun also in air Life moves really fast today and you can enjoy your friends and your ideality!

The Moon will trine the Sun giving good fortune for both your inner and outer worlds! It also is good for both home and career!

The Sun will be supported and in a positive alignment with the Galactic Center! This is a big deal because the center of the universe is about what you hold dear & means the universe to you! The Sun is the conscious self and you can get in touch with what really matters to you just by breathing! Take note of your aspirations & biggest dreams! Today you will have fresh insight on how to make them real!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


For both Mon. & Tue!

Monday the Moon will be in Cancer until 1:25 p.m. and then it roars into Leo! Sometimes you can feel the effect of a F. Moon a day or two before and a day or two after the actual time. This full Moon is about idealism and power. Fortunately Sun in Aquarius isn't as set as some of the other signs and can change which can be beneficial on the upcoming full Moon.

Tuesday at 1:55 P.M; Pacific Time the full Moon occurs. There may be power swings and some hot air exchanged from people who think they know everything. They may show signs of jealousy too so it may be in your interest to be really careful. On the plus side impasses may be broken up and big projects can come to fruition. The full Moon is getting some good energy from the North Node that is harmonious and adaptive and just plain lucky! Your instincts and intuition are strong and your mood is lifted from good North Node energy!

Not a good day for medical procedures-avoid them if you can. Also can be wearing on your heart and lower back so it is wise to rest if possible from time to time. Also extra caution is advised in connection with electricity or lightning.

There may be a very positive surprise from out of the blue too!

Ann Combs
(206) 286-1944

Saturday, February 4, 2012


For Feb. 5th-

Today the Moon will be in the nurturing sign of Cancer! The opposition to Pluto is over although you may have had some strange dreams! Try not to let them rock your boat! The Sun is still in super intuitive Aquarius and you can tune in to finer consciousness at the conscious, awake level! As the day progresses there is a good aspect to Mars the action planet! Your body is sensitive to what it needs & if you listen it will guide you!

The Moon will be getting a lovely trine from Venus starting in the afternoon & this trine is good for getting your needs & wants met! Healing of the deepest hurts is possible too!

Thank you to everyone that purchased my book!
Have a great day! :D
Ann Combs
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Friday, February 3, 2012


For Feb.4th

Today the Moon will be in Cancer & making lots of aspects to other planets! We start the day with great aspects to the happy planets Jupiter, Venus & Neptune!

Moon sextile Jupiter is great for just about anything-love, travel, money, good health & a good mood overall!

Moon trine Neptune is good for anything to do with the water, emotional wellness, deepest happiness & love!

Moon square Venus is good for goofing off & relaxing. Can be difficult in connection with contracts as you may not really grasp the details-so be careful. But it is a good day to indulge your self a bit and rest.

Moon square Uranus provides sparks but not necessarily stability-good for artistic, musical, literary projects and nurture.

In the evening the Moon will oppose Pluto making for intense passion so if that's not your thing head for the hills ;D

Have a great day!:D
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Ann Combs

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Additional blog for Feb. 3rd:

Today Neptune makes her historical entrance into Pisces! Neptune is in Pisces every 180 years and we are lucky to get to experience this! Neptune is in rulership in Pisces giving Neptune added good fortune & strength. Neptune is the planet of bliss, spiritual advancement, miracles & inspiration & we like it when she is strong. This beneficial energy goes out to the whole world adding tenderness & compassion! Neptune is in each sign about 15 years. This is the beginning of a new cycle!

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Ann Combs
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For the 3rd

The Moon will be in the fun sign of Gemini until 10:30P.M. then it goes into the loving sign of Cancer. There will be a wonderful GRAND TRINE today which is one of the luckiest alignments going!

The Moon will trine Neptune the planet of bliss making for oceanic feelings of Love & euphoria! Neptune will be trining Saturn making karma a positive experience and empowering you to do great things! Saturn will trine the Moon giving emotional good karma, quality and meaning to your life! Ahhh! Have a great day-there is an additional blog for Neptune!

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Ann Combs

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


For the 2nd

Today the Moon will be Gemini and trining the Sun! This is great for relationships & being able to balance work & home! Gemini is a good Moon for taking a play day, taking a short trip or trying out something new in your neighborhood. You can connect easily with your siblings & neighbors too! Gemini is intuitive & so is having the Sun in Aquarius. These are also 2 take charge signs that are good for creating what it is you truly want in life! Both are air energies & air is intellectual, swift & social. In summary this is a good day to think about what you truly want & take some steps toward it!

Best! :D
Ann Combs
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