Monday, October 31, 2011


Nov.1st-The Moon will be in Capricorn until the afternoon. The Moon will be making the lucky trine to Uranus all day! This is great for intuition & making changes in connection with your home or place of residence. It can signal a move or doing some travelling. Uranus is a planet that can include surprises out of the blue and is making the lucky aspect to the Moon which is your home, emotions, children & relationships with the women in your life. This trine is good for intuition that is accurate, altruistic & for having your wishes manifest!

At 3:09 P.M; Pacific daylight time the Moon changes signs going into lightning fast Aquarius-which will lighten the mood! The lucky trine is still in place & this pairing is FAST! So things will speed up like clock work at 3:09 P.M; buckle up & enjoy the ride! :D

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween-the Moon is in the calm & self controlled sign of Capricorn all day! In the morning the Moon will trine Jupiter which is super lucky for fame, fun & money! It's also good for travel & feeling good about yourself!

As the day progresses the Moon will square Saturn which can cause a clash between career & home-you may be on overload.

The Sun is opposite Jupiter all day making this a day of fun & excess!


Friday, October 28, 2011


Fri.-the Moon is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius! Moon in Sagittarius is about excess! Sun in Scorpio is also about excess-this combo promotes excess! You are passionate & ready to find answers!

Sat.-the Moon will be in Sag all day! In the morning it will be joining forces with the North Node-a super lucky energy that is good for luck with the personal side of life as well as the big picture-soooo lucky! Also great for luck in connection with money! The luck continues through the day. In the evening the Moon will join forces with the center of our Galaxy! The sky's not the limit-the universe is! :D

Sun.-the Moon goes into Capricorn at 9:40 AM. Both Sag & Capricorn are high profile, idealistic energies. Today you can do something really significant with your life! :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


For Oct. 27th. Today the Moon will be in Scorpio and will be joining energy with Venus! Venus is a lucky star & is all about what you would like to have in life! The Moon is about your needs, Venus is about your wants! The Moon is receptive & Venus is magnetic. This combo gives you the ability to align with your destiny & draw your good to you. You do this through both what you are thinking about & what you are feeling, so it's really important to keep your mind on what you want today so that you draw the best!

Also good for prosperity through doing something that you are passionate about! Scorpio is the most intense energy of the zodiac & this could be a really good day with a positive surprise that is bigger than you expect!

Monday, October 24, 2011


NEW MOON 12:56 P.M. Wednesday Pacific Daylight Time.

The days before the New Moon:

MONDAY-The Moon will be in flirty, fresh and artful Libra. Moon in Libra promotes a seeking of balance, romance & love. It is a social Moon & promotes communication! It is square Pluto & can create some tension with the more serious side of your life. On the plus side your creativity can get a huge nudge! Pluto & the Moon will be in the active signs & this can be a day of blasting out of your ruts & expressing your bubbly enthusiasm!

TUESDAY-The Moon is still in Libra & will be joining energies with Saturn. The square to Pluto is waning. The pairing with Saturn gives clarity although sometimes that's not always such a fun thing. It can also bring validation! And sometimes it's just plain depressing. Time to pamper yourself & know that it will pass which it will tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY-The Moon goes into Scorpio at 8:10 AM.

The new Moon is a few hours later when the Sun & Moon join energies (12:56 P.M.) so on your lunch break enjoy your connection with those feel good truths about you, your loved ones & your destiny. If you need guidance you are attuned to it. This is also a good day to make a start toward your great good whether you do this in body, mind or soul! :D


Sunday, October 23, 2011


23RD Sunday-the Sun is in Scorpio bathing us all in a watery, emotional, psychic energy that is very powerful!

Scorpio energy is intense, transformational & can be surprising. Your connection with all knowledge is deep and you are able to get answers right away.

Oct. 23rd-Nov. 2nd there will be 3 planets in Scorpio giving this time a very Scorpio feel.

Today the Sun is sextile Pluto which is great for career advancement, fixing things & big results! The Sun will also be sextiling Pluto all day tomorrow!

The Moon will be Virgo for the rest of the day promoting your ability to connect with those you care about!

MONDAY-the Moon goes into the air sign of Libra at 8:50 AM flirt, flirt! :D

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Sat: the Moon is part of the fantastic, ultra lucky grand trine. The grand trine is in earth promoting tangible results & a connection to the material side of life! As with all grand trines 1 piece of good luck can set in motion at least 2 more!

Sunday: the Moon is still in intuitive, harmonious Virgo! The Sun will go into Scorpio at 11:32 AM; promoting a connection with the really important people in your life! Both Virgo & Scorpio energies are intuitive & great at solving problems. You can truly fix what needs fixing & prosper!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


For Oct. 21st-today the Moon is in Leo & will be sextiling Saturn which is great for harmony, opportunities to grasp & emotional stability! Moon in Leo is fun & idealistic & Sun in Libra likes to relax & party. This combo makes it a great day to enjoy life & boosts your creativity! You may be singing with friends, dancing, composing music or adding more beauty to the world. The possibilities are endless!

Mars will square Venus making it a day when you have a lot of choices in the love dept!

As the day progresses the Moon will sextile the Sun making for a good dynamic at home or in connection with career. It also promotes healthy & enjoyable relationships!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For Thur. Oct. 20th-The Moon goes into Leo bright & early at 3:07 AM; Pacific Daylight time. The Moon will be squaring the Sun making this a day that tensions may be brought to the surface. It can also be a day that is full of energy; & you can enjoy a creative burst too!

The Moon will also be trining Uranus which is also energetic and boosts intuition! Moon in Leo is warm and promotes romance. Sun in Libra is romantic & idealistic. You could easily be feeling light hearted & good today!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For Wed; Oct. 19th

The Moon will be in Cancer squaring Saturn in Libra. This can cause conflict with your desire to nurture & with your needs as well. It can test your relationships so it's a good idea to count to ten before acting on your emotions.

There are lots of planets in the cardinal (active) signs which means today you are good at attaining your goals & trying new things!

In the evening the Moon will trine Uranus & the pace will lighten up and speed up! Intuition is strong & active! Your inner wealth level is high & your outer wealth level is too. :D

Have a great day!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Mon. night-The Moon is going into Cancer at 6:39 P.M.

Tues. The Moon will be opposite Pluto making for surprises that can be intense. Emotions are charged and big projects can come to fruition. The Moon will be making the super lucky trine to both Mercury & Venus which are in Scorpio. This can give a happy surprise in connection with your emotions, soul mate, self development and finances!

The Moon will also be sextiling lucky Jupiter and that is great for harmony, fame, idealism, good times & prosperity!

In summary there will be a lot of opportunities tomorrow and there is a lot of emotional and psychic energy in the air.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


For Mon; the 17th/Oct.

Today the Moon will be in Gemini for most of the day! There are 4 important & positive dynamics today!

1) The Moon will trine the Sun! This means that everyone is aligned with their home & career!, with their past & present and that personal relationships are creative, fresh & loving!

2) The Moon will be trined by Neptune which is good for all of your emotions-those that are private (Moon) & those that are unconditional such as caring for the less fortunate & being a voice for the animals!

3) The Sun trines Neptune & this is good for all things joyful, healing, subtle & intuitive! There is a grand trine in air today & this means that 1 good thing can attract another 2 pieces of good luck!

4) The Moon is opposite Galactic Center (the center of our galaxy.) The sky's the limit today & you can dream big & make it happen!


Saturday, October 15, 2011


For Sunday the 16th of Oct. The Moon will be in the happy go lucky sign of Gemini! It will be making the lucky trine to Saturn giving you good karma emotionally & in connection with your destiny! You may discover how you can make your finances better without trying too hard! You may also get some emotional validation today in connection with home and/or career! You are also clear as to what your needs are & this clarity comes to you in ways that are pleasant! :D

Have a great day!

If you need a laugh the blooper video on youtube might be the answer! AnnCombs1 Bloopers

Friday, October 14, 2011


For Sat. Today the Moon goes into Gemini bright & early at 7:16 AM!

Gemini Moon gives you the ability to see both side of an issue & both sides of the coin! It also promotes deep thought & the ability to relate to your neighborhood, brothers & sisters & your neighbors! The local scene may be where it's at for you today. This is a smart Moon & you can make connections as easy as breathing. You are also good at networking or anything that requires social skills. Your phone may ring more than usual and you are able to multitask too! A little trip might be in order! It's a day that is fresh and you area able to pick up on things too. Gemini is intuitive!

Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnnCombs1 for videos-the Uranus & Neptune ones are still applicable! :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011


For Friday-the Moon will be in the peaceful sign of Taurus & your thoughts may turn to relaxing and enjoying the comforts of life. The Moon will square Neptune making it a day of heightened but not necessarily accurate sensitivity.

This square can make you loving but it can also be one that stirs up guilt or can make you the target of guilt. It can be great for writing music, art projects, making something for your home or taking it easy.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


WED. night and all day Thursday-the Moon will be in the peaceful sign of Taurus! The Moon is joining forces with the good times planet Jupiter! This is good for your body, mind & soul. It's also good for your finances! The Moon will also trine Pluto the passionate! This is good for having that certain inside information and ability to find answers!

Thur. With the Moon in Taurus & the Sun in Libra today could easily be very pleasant & prosperous! Artistic, musical, earthy talents are promoted!

Have a great day!
Ann Combs
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For Oct. 12th-Today the Moon will be in the lively sign of Aries until 6:36 PM. The Moon will make a good dynamic with the center of the galaxy and that is bound to be good! The Moon will also be getting some good vibes from Neptune planet of finest perception & universal love. Your idealism is heightened & you can imagine great things today!

Venus the love magnet will be in sensual Scorpio giving you a 6th sense about soul mates, your inner talents and money!

Have a great day!

Ann Combs
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Monday, October 10, 2011


Tuesday Oct. 11th at 7:07 P.M. there will be a full Moon!

The Moon will be in the independent sign of Aries & the Sun will be in the one to one relationship sign of Libra. This is a very prosperous F. Moon for several good reasons! It's also a great night to spend with your partner if possible. New good is on the horizon tonight! There is a strong Taurus/Libra influence tonight and the ruler of both of these energies is Venus!

Venus will be in the 6th house & radiating energy into the 7th-this gives a blend of personal & objective energies in connection with your affections!

Venus will be opposite Jupiter making it easy to express affections & to go overboard in love!

This is also lucky for new ventures & for developing your abilities especially those that are in connection with the arts, music, creature comforts & lavish living!

This FM is a stinker for accidents so if possible avoid driving, dangerous neighborhoods, unstable people or using sharp tools-aka make dinner early if you are doing the cooking-

Have a great evening!
Ann Combs
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The video on my webpage is relevant until the year 2,018!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


The Moon blasts into Aries at starting at 5:58 AM; Pacific daylight time-this gives us a new start emotionally! The Moon will be joining forces with the genius/intuition/humanitarian causes/astrology/literary/tech planet Uranus! Uranus is also the planet of sudden changes and you may have surprises today! This combo is swift but caution is advised in connection with risk taking & electricity. Look before you leap is a good idea today! No doubt you will have brilliant thoughts & you may want to keep the writing utensils handy. :D

The full Moon is Tue; 7:07 P.M.

Have a great day!
Ann Combs

Saturday, October 8, 2011


9th-Today the Moon is in Pisces all day! Venus the planet of personal love will be in Libra and making the lucky trine to Neptune! This is good for love & inspiration! You may feel like writing, traveling, dancing, singing, painting or having a romantic day!


Ann Combs
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Friday, October 7, 2011


Today the Moon will be in the dreamy sign of Pisces! The Moon will also be in good aspect to both Pluto & Jupiter!

The Moon Pluto aspect is good for finding the answers to your deepest questions! It can also be a great day for spending quality time with your soul mate!

The Moon Jupiter aspect is good for big travels, energy, feeling good, getting your needs met, international business and big money!

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Libra is super romantic and good at the arts, music & writing!

Have a great day & if you enjoy my blog please tell your friends!

Ann Combs
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Thursday, October 6, 2011


For Fri; the 7th

Today the Moon will be in the smart sign of Aquarius! The Moon will also be joining energies with Neptune the planet of finest consciousness. Today you are psychic, sensitive and can do amazing works of art, music, photography, writing or getting a glimpse of the future! This Moon can also propel tech, inventions & collaborations to make the world a better place! Moon conjunct Neptune is super fine but can be spacey and too trusting so be careful. With both Sun and Moon in air this can be a light hearted day that is social, fresh and carefree! The Moon goes into Pisces at 6:14 PM Pacific Time.

If you enjoy my blog please tell your friends! :D
Ann Combs
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Monday, October 3, 2011


FOR TUE. THE 4TH-The Moon will be in CAPRICORN today.

Capricorn is the most extreme Moon of the zodiac-this day could be the top of the mountain-or the opposite.

The Moon will trine Jupiter (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) which is a huge plus-this is good for anything that requires fame, visibility or international exposure to get it going! Jupiter is the big bucks without straining planet & we like it trining our feelings (the Moon.)

The Moon will square the Sun-this can cause a clash between home & career but can also mean that new outlets are favored & tried!

Moon square Saturn is the reality check-

In summary there is A LOT going on today & there will be much energy!

A lot of amazing things can happen today!

For WED. the 5th:

The Moon goes into Aquarius bright & early at 8:19 AM: Pacific Daylight. The Moon in Aquarius is fast, smart & ahead of the curve!

The Moon will sextile Uranus which is extra brilliant & can indicate a happy surprise out of the blue! In the evening the Moon will trine the Sun bringing harmony between home & career. Also promotes the good times with both women & men!

Have a great couple of days!

Ann Combs
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Sunday, October 2, 2011


For Mon. the Moon will be going into Capricorn at 1:17 AM Pacific time. The Moon will be joining energies with Pluto the powerful. The Moon will also be trining Jupiter the planet of good luck. This trine is good for recognition, fame & anything high profile! It is also good for your idealism. Jupiter trine the Moon promotes feelings of well being and an enjoyment of travel! The Moon will square Uranus which can produce sparks. It can also produce flash temper. The Moon will be at the highest point on the wheel which can mean you reach your highest ideals! :D

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Ann Combs
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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Oct 2nd-today the Moon is still in happy go lucky Sagittarius! The Moon will be joining forces with the North Node which has some of the characteristics of both of the lucky stars-Venus (magnetism, romance, relationships) & Jupiter (the good times, fame, smarts, astronomy, astrology, vitality & really big bucks!) This pairing is good luck for both those delicious little details & the "big things!"

The Moon will also be sextile Venus & Saturn which is great for getting the right things to materialize! Also fortunate financially. Last but not least both sextiles can bring emotional VALIDATION!

In the evening the Moon will be joining forces with Galactic Center! This is deep, powerful & amazing!

Lots of good in the air!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Ann Combs
(206) 286-1944