Sunday, October 16, 2011


For Mon; the 17th/Oct.

Today the Moon will be in Gemini for most of the day! There are 4 important & positive dynamics today!

1) The Moon will trine the Sun! This means that everyone is aligned with their home & career!, with their past & present and that personal relationships are creative, fresh & loving!

2) The Moon will be trined by Neptune which is good for all of your emotions-those that are private (Moon) & those that are unconditional such as caring for the less fortunate & being a voice for the animals!

3) The Sun trines Neptune & this is good for all things joyful, healing, subtle & intuitive! There is a grand trine in air today & this means that 1 good thing can attract another 2 pieces of good luck!

4) The Moon is opposite Galactic Center (the center of our galaxy.) The sky's the limit today & you can dream big & make it happen!


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