Monday, October 3, 2011


FOR TUE. THE 4TH-The Moon will be in CAPRICORN today.

Capricorn is the most extreme Moon of the zodiac-this day could be the top of the mountain-or the opposite.

The Moon will trine Jupiter (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) which is a huge plus-this is good for anything that requires fame, visibility or international exposure to get it going! Jupiter is the big bucks without straining planet & we like it trining our feelings (the Moon.)

The Moon will square the Sun-this can cause a clash between home & career but can also mean that new outlets are favored & tried!

Moon square Saturn is the reality check-

In summary there is A LOT going on today & there will be much energy!

A lot of amazing things can happen today!

For WED. the 5th:

The Moon goes into Aquarius bright & early at 8:19 AM: Pacific Daylight. The Moon in Aquarius is fast, smart & ahead of the curve!

The Moon will sextile Uranus which is extra brilliant & can indicate a happy surprise out of the blue! In the evening the Moon will trine the Sun bringing harmony between home & career. Also promotes the good times with both women & men!

Have a great couple of days!

Ann Combs
(206) 286-1944

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