Monday, October 24, 2011


NEW MOON 12:56 P.M. Wednesday Pacific Daylight Time.

The days before the New Moon:

MONDAY-The Moon will be in flirty, fresh and artful Libra. Moon in Libra promotes a seeking of balance, romance & love. It is a social Moon & promotes communication! It is square Pluto & can create some tension with the more serious side of your life. On the plus side your creativity can get a huge nudge! Pluto & the Moon will be in the active signs & this can be a day of blasting out of your ruts & expressing your bubbly enthusiasm!

TUESDAY-The Moon is still in Libra & will be joining energies with Saturn. The square to Pluto is waning. The pairing with Saturn gives clarity although sometimes that's not always such a fun thing. It can also bring validation! And sometimes it's just plain depressing. Time to pamper yourself & know that it will pass which it will tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY-The Moon goes into Scorpio at 8:10 AM.

The new Moon is a few hours later when the Sun & Moon join energies (12:56 P.M.) so on your lunch break enjoy your connection with those feel good truths about you, your loved ones & your destiny. If you need guidance you are attuned to it. This is also a good day to make a start toward your great good whether you do this in body, mind or soul! :D


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