Monday, October 31, 2011


Nov.1st-The Moon will be in Capricorn until the afternoon. The Moon will be making the lucky trine to Uranus all day! This is great for intuition & making changes in connection with your home or place of residence. It can signal a move or doing some travelling. Uranus is a planet that can include surprises out of the blue and is making the lucky aspect to the Moon which is your home, emotions, children & relationships with the women in your life. This trine is good for intuition that is accurate, altruistic & for having your wishes manifest!

At 3:09 P.M; Pacific daylight time the Moon changes signs going into lightning fast Aquarius-which will lighten the mood! The lucky trine is still in place & this pairing is FAST! So things will speed up like clock work at 3:09 P.M; buckle up & enjoy the ride! :D

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