Sunday, October 23, 2011


23RD Sunday-the Sun is in Scorpio bathing us all in a watery, emotional, psychic energy that is very powerful!

Scorpio energy is intense, transformational & can be surprising. Your connection with all knowledge is deep and you are able to get answers right away.

Oct. 23rd-Nov. 2nd there will be 3 planets in Scorpio giving this time a very Scorpio feel.

Today the Sun is sextile Pluto which is great for career advancement, fixing things & big results! The Sun will also be sextiling Pluto all day tomorrow!

The Moon will be Virgo for the rest of the day promoting your ability to connect with those you care about!

MONDAY-the Moon goes into the air sign of Libra at 8:50 AM flirt, flirt! :D

Have a great day!

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