Monday, October 10, 2011


Tuesday Oct. 11th at 7:07 P.M. there will be a full Moon!

The Moon will be in the independent sign of Aries & the Sun will be in the one to one relationship sign of Libra. This is a very prosperous F. Moon for several good reasons! It's also a great night to spend with your partner if possible. New good is on the horizon tonight! There is a strong Taurus/Libra influence tonight and the ruler of both of these energies is Venus!

Venus will be in the 6th house & radiating energy into the 7th-this gives a blend of personal & objective energies in connection with your affections!

Venus will be opposite Jupiter making it easy to express affections & to go overboard in love!

This is also lucky for new ventures & for developing your abilities especially those that are in connection with the arts, music, creature comforts & lavish living!

This FM is a stinker for accidents so if possible avoid driving, dangerous neighborhoods, unstable people or using sharp tools-aka make dinner early if you are doing the cooking-

Have a great evening!
Ann Combs
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