Friday, February 3, 2012


For Feb.4th

Today the Moon will be in Cancer & making lots of aspects to other planets! We start the day with great aspects to the happy planets Jupiter, Venus & Neptune!

Moon sextile Jupiter is great for just about anything-love, travel, money, good health & a good mood overall!

Moon trine Neptune is good for anything to do with the water, emotional wellness, deepest happiness & love!

Moon square Venus is good for goofing off & relaxing. Can be difficult in connection with contracts as you may not really grasp the details-so be careful. But it is a good day to indulge your self a bit and rest.

Moon square Uranus provides sparks but not necessarily stability-good for artistic, musical, literary projects and nurture.

In the evening the Moon will oppose Pluto making for intense passion so if that's not your thing head for the hills ;D

Have a great day!:D
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Ann Combs

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