Saturday, February 18, 2012


For Feb. 19th

Today the Moon goes into Aquarius bright & early 2:30 AM Pacific Time. There will be a square to Saturn but luckily this occurs mostly through the night & will be wearing off by morning! The Moon will be sextiling Uranus which is good for sparks and puts some sizzle into your day! The Sun will be joining Neptune the planet of bliss and you may feel like relaxing or getting in some spiritual study. This pairing is great for expanding your heart and you may also enjoy making the world a better place for people or pets. Just be sure you are helping or giving to the right ones because Sun with Neptune is very trusting & it's no fun to be taken advantage of. Have a great day!

Ann Combs
authoress of Astrology and Your Lucky Star-now in it's fourth printing!
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