Friday, February 24, 2012


For Fri. & Sat.

The Moon will be in Aries through Sun. morning!

Fri. the Moon will be getting a positive trine from the North Node in Sagittarius giving us luck in relationships, long travels and anything to do with your idealism and international goals! Instincts are good and your optimism level high. There is also a joining of forces with Uranus the brilliant and your thoughts are original and bright! This combo can be accident prone so not a good day for risks or taking chances with electricity. As the day passes the Uranus connection wanes and the Moon then joins forces with Venus the mild and sweet!

Sat. the Moon will be joining energies with Venus all day! This is great for all your relationships whether it's your children, pets, family, friends or your significant other. In the evening the Moon will be opposite Saturn. This is the reality check of the day. Big projects may come to fruition or there may be arguing with your partner. The Moon and Saturn will be in the cheerful active signs that sometimes have rough edges. The Sun is still joining forces with Neptune the mellow so that is a help. The Sun is also sextiling both Pluto and Jupiter getting energized favorably from both the before and the after!

Find out how all these dynamics are benefiting you!
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