Friday, March 4, 2011

Mar. 6th & 7th

oops! This is for Sunday the 6th!

Today the Moon has gone into Aries! This is great for new beginnings! The Moon will be joining energies with Uranus the genius and friendship planet. The Moon will also be joining energies with Jupiter the moneybags and good times planet! This is a great combo for emotional healing and very happy surprises! There's also a nice sextile to Venus which is good for just about anything including making money from the arts! :D

Mon. The Moon in Aries will start off opposite Saturn and this can test your idealism and make it clear if your emotions are being nurtured. It can also be a day of great activity and big results. As the day progresses there's a nice sextile to Neptune the planet of spiritual advancement and genius! Great for inspiration and enjoying a little getaway or at least a moment looking at the ocean! Perception-amazing!

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