Thursday, April 19, 2012


For the 21st:

First a special thank you to everyone who prayed and or sent good thoughts to me and my dad. He is home from the hospital & feeling better! :D

The new Moon in Taurus is 12:20 A.M; the 21st! Today is the day to find your voice! The stars will align! There is also a super lucky grand trine that the Sun & Moon are part of! So when one good thing happens look for two more! This is a great day for new beginnings! There is also an alignment that gets you in touch with your deepest happiness! New Moons are always good for new beginnings. Some of the talents of this Moon are being peaceful, artistic, musical or dance talents, singing, romance, calmness & intuition. Today your intuition could reveal to you what you need to know to make your life satisfying!

Ann Combs
paperback: (206) 286-1944


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