Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The New Moon in Aquarius!

THE NEW MOON: Thursday, Jan. 30th 1:40 p.m. This is a great day for new beginnings! The Sun and Moon are joining energies giving a unity with both thought (the Sun) and emotion (the Moon) as well a unity with the inner world (the Moon) and the outer world (the Sun!) The Sun is making the lucky sextile to Uranus and this is great for having the ideas that heal your life! There is also a jolly good square with Jupiter to Uranus that makes for optimism and fun! There is also a sizzling square with Venus and Uranus. Your creativity level is high and your power level is even higher! Your freewill is strong today and if there is something you need to make happen your will power is up to the job! With the Sun and Moon in air you can expect a refreshing swiftness today and get a lot of good things started! Aquarian energy promotes getting rewarded for work that you have done so expect to reap good for your efforts today and to receive for past good works too! :D Ann (206) 286-1944

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