Wednesday, August 17, 2011


For Aug. 18th

Today there will be a grand trine in fire making for a lucky, hot day with swift results!

The Moon will be in Aries, the Sun will be in Leo and the third point of the triangle is Galactic Center! This is a day when you can do enormous good and accomplish more than you can dream of! It can also be a day where the opportunities are so big that you can become overwhelmed by them. A good day to have a plan and then use your instincts!

For Aug. 19th-today the Moon goes into Taurus at 5:37 AM and there will be a calming effect. The Moon will trine Pluto promoting metamorphosis and change. As the day progresses the Moon will join energies with moneybags Jupiter and you'll likely be feeling good! :D

Ann Combs
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