Monday, August 29, 2011

Moon in Virgo

Aug. 29th the Moon is in Virgo and we are basking in the freshness of the new Moon that occurred last night!

Aug. 30th-today the Moon will be in Virgo in the morning and it's great for finishing projects.

At 11:26 AM the Moon will transition into Libra-a fresh airy energy. With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Libra your artistic, musical and literary skills are strong. There is also more objectivity in contracts and negotiations. Moon in Libra likes romance and to live a little. Could be a good day for a nice lunch or dinner! Mercury is direct all Aug. & Sept.

Right now Mercury is in Leo and the mood is good! Leo is a partying sign and knows how to have fun! Leo is also a do what you love and the money will follow energy. Mercury gives good ideas. So with Mercury in Leo you have golden ideas for prosperity!

A special thank you to everyone who came to my book signing!


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