Friday, January 21, 2011

For Jan. 21st-23rd

Fri; the Moon went into Virgo at 3:11 P.M. Moon in Virgo is fun for travel, humanitarian endeavors and talented at making connections! Also considerable talent for writing, editing, healing and taking good care of animals!

The Moon is trine Pluto planet of passion and soul mates. Nice trine for enjoying your true connection and promotes feeling your connection whether you've met your soul mate or not! Also great for deepest happiness, problem solving and great health!

Sat; the Moon is still in practical and patient Virgo. There will be a square to Venus which can be great for relaxing or goofing off. Can also be a little dangerous in terms of deception so double check all the facts and if you're not sure if someone is telling the truth trust your intuition and give it more time to become clear.

Sun; the Moon is opposite Jupiter and Uranus and anything can happen! Can be really fun, give a huge change for the better or be accident prone. Not the time for stunts. Could be wonderful for spending time with friends! The Moon goes into romantic Libra at 4:00 P.M.

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