Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan. 10th-12th

The Moon goes into Aries at 7:25 A.M. this morning providing a fresh and positive start to the week! The Moon will still be energized by Jupiter and Uranus adding joy and genius to our emotions! The Moon will also square passionate Pluto making for intensity and exaggeration. Looks very energetic to me and I think it's a good day to do something positive and important!

Tue; the Moon will still be in Aries the brave and opposite Saturn in Libra. This can cause tension between home (the Moon) and duty (Saturn.) It can also indicate the fruition of balancing emotions and duty. As the day progresses there's an additional square with the Sun and Mars. Be ready for new possibilities that are unexpected! There may be an uncomfortable surprise that makes your world bigger!

Wed; the squares are subsiding and there's a sextile from Neptune the planet of bliss! There is harmony and good opportunity today! You may want to schedule a little time for art, music or dancing and enjoy the good energy of Neptune!

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