Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan. 23rd-Jan. 25th

Today the Moon went into romantic Libra at 4:00 P.M. The Moon is trining the Sun this evening which is good for both inner harmony and outer harmony!

24th-The Moon is still in Libra and the Sun's in Aquarius which is good for anything social, artistic or light hearted. In the evening the Moon and Saturn will be joining forces which can be depressing. It will only last for the evening and can be a good time to assess one's life, pamper yourself some and make sure your needs are being met. A good evening to relax and catch up on sleep!

25th-The Moon will be making the lucky trine to Neptune planet of spiritual advancement, bliss and super fine genius. Enjoying time on or by the water could be really wonderful-or watching a sunset! Great for anything that requires a lot of perception and insight. Good for healing too! 6:17 P.M. the Moon goes into the deep and psychic sign of Scorpio. The trine to Neptune will continue through the evening and can give big insight into the super important things for you! :D

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