Friday, March 23, 2012


For the 24th

Today the Moon starts out in energetic Aries! The Moon will be getting good energy from the Galactic Center! This is awesome in terms of feeling aligned and that the sky's the limit! You can do amazing things today! Then the Moon shifts gears by going into Taurus at 2:44 P.M.

This is a great time to smell the roses and indulge a little. If you like music or dancing this is a great time to enjoy some! You are also good at making music or dancing when the Moon is in Taurus! If you like gardening and it is warm enough this can be a good day to plant food or flowers! Artistry is in the air!

I have some new colors for the cover of my paperback Astrology and Your Lucky Star. I have red, royal blue and spring green. Get your copy at $15. before the price goes up! Call (206) 286-1944 to order.

Have a great day!
Ann Combs

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