Saturday, March 10, 2012


10th Today the Moon is in the fresh sign of Libra until 9:25 P.M; then it will go into Scorpio! Today the Moon is joining energies with Saturn making it a day of clarity but possible rising and falling of emotions, too. There is a favorable sextile to the Galactic Center which means that not only are you centered there are huge opportunities for you to make good decisions and make your life amazing! There is much objectivity and flow too! When the Moon goes into Scorpio tonight there will be a pleasing opposition to Venus which is about Love! Can be excessive-ha ha like that's a problem! :D


Today the Moon will be in Scorp all day and opposite both Venus and Jupiter giving twice the fun! As the day progresses the sextile to Pluto the passionate will get stronger giving us spice and will power! Also promotes the connection with your soul mate! Have a great day!

My book Astrology and Your Lucky Star is still $15. a real bargain! There are ideas for recognizing your intuition in it!

Have a great day!
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