Saturday, March 31, 2012


For the 1st!

Today the Moon flames into Leo at 1:36 A.M! There is a wonderful trine from Uranus that is good for body intuition and genius. Today you are super aware and can find or create your heart's happiness! This trine is also great for healing and being able to let go of the past.

There is also a good mix of friendship, romance and love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With both Sun & Moon in fire your instincts are good, your being is warm and your health is good! Fire energy burns away the lesser & reveals the finer splendor!

And fire is just plain fun!!!!!!!

Have a good day!

This is too good to pass up-there is also a grand trine in fire with the North Node in Sagittarius adding active good luck & stability!

Aim for the stars today-it's all aligning! :D

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