Wednesday, September 21, 2011


22nd, Thur. The Moon will be in Cancer in the morning & afternoon. It will be in good aspect to the Sun giving you much in the way of harmony, opportunity & creativity! You enjoy making your relationships with your loved ones special. These rays are loving & nurturing & this extends to you nurturing yourself & your inner wealth! The Moon will change into the passionate sign of Leo at 6:56 PM.

Moon in Leo is sunny, loving & theatrical. Hopefully it will be fun. Moon in Leo marks a time when others may be creative or they may want a lot of attention. Jealousy may flare. This Moon is the do what you love & the money will follow energy. If you need to take charge & make this a good Moon this may be a good way to go. Also great for stage craft, dancing & making the world a better place for cats! :D

Ann Combs
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