Friday, September 23, 2011



SAT; we kick it off with Sun in Libra & Moon in Leo! This is a spiritual, idealistic & romantic combo! Love's flame burns brightly! You may be feeling a little on the "later" side of work-this is a good day for acting, music, dancing or sports! You can also prosper doing something you like! Your creative juices are flowing! :D The Moon changes signs and goes into Virgo at 9:50 Pacific Daylight.

SUN; today the Moon is in I know how to fix it or improve it Virgo. You are good at putting your talents into practical form. You may have shy feelings surface. If you are negotiating a contract today beware of undercharging or getting a lame deal from someone. Your efforts are easily multitalented and you are good at networking & enjoying harmony with others today! The Moon will be in Virgo through Mon. night. :D

Best Star light!
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