Wednesday, September 14, 2011


THURSDAY-the Moon starts off in Aries! It will be changing into the sign of Taurus at 12:26 PM. In the morning the Moon will be aligning favorably with the Center of the Galaxy known as the Galactic Center! Your emotions will be opened to the vast possibilities of being centered, at peace & going beyond what you are used to! Pretty amazing!

As the day progresses another favorable alignment occurs-the Moon will be trine Pluto! This is good for feeling connected to your soul mate & getting your needs met! On another level this is also good for prosperity! The Moon will also be joining forces with Jupiter which is pretty cool! Moon + Jupiter is good for inner & outer joy. It is also great for happy surprises including getting a break financially or money you weren't expecting! The Moon will also be joining with Jupiter tomorrow morning! Last but not least this combo is good at predicting the future!

Have a GREAT day!

Ann Combs
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