Sunday, September 25, 2011


The new Moon will be Tue; the 27th at 4:10 AM; Pacific Daylight Time. This is a great day to start some new good in your life. There will be 5 planets in Libra the beautiful! These are the Sun (conscious self,) the Moon (home & emotions,) Mercury (smarts, communication & short trips,) Venus (what you would like to receive in terms of love, sex & nurture,) & Saturn (clarity, validation, responsibility, rewards.) Admetos a trans Neptunian ice planet will be part of a grand trine giving benefits to those who find their voice & focus on what they want!

This new Moon is good for both love & money, recharging your self esteem, humanitarian efforts, dancing, socializing and to think about what you really want in life for yourself & others!

I'm on my second printing of my book ASTROLOGY AND YOUR LUCKY STAR! A special thank you to everyone who has made it a success!
Ann Combs
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