Sunday, December 4, 2011


For Monday-the Moon will be in Aries today & this is great for taking charge and having abundant body intuition! The Moon will be getting energized favorably from the Galactic Center and there is a great dynamic with the North Node as well! Moon in Aries is great for a fresh start and is original and super brave! You will instinctively know where the fun is!

The fire element is spiritual and positive! The fire element is also super lucky! Sagittarius is the sign of increase and this is because this energy dwells on the good side of everything! Aries is lucky because it is an energy that is totally free of baggage! Today you can increase your good & let go of the past easily! Sagittarius is also lucky when it comes to finances. You are lucky during this cycle if you find your voice & if you are highly principled & high profile! It also great for making connections & networking!

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Ann Combs

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