Sunday, December 11, 2011


For Monday: The Moon will be in rulership (this is a good thing) all day Monday promoting Love and the deepest happiness! Emotions run deep and you appreciate your loved ones easily today! The Moon will be sextile Mars the action planet and this harmonizes your emotions & instincts as well as provides positive outlets for your self expression! The Moon will be opposite Venus expanding your desires for happiness and love. You may feel like it's hard to have both what you need and what you want but Mars is in just the right place to stabilize this and make the impossible EASY! This is a really lucky alignment! Venus is also in the luckiest dynamic with Mars & this can create a fun day of warm emotions & good luck of the personal type!

The Sun is still joining forces with Galactic Center giving you alignment & centeredness!

Mercury is going direct Wed! Who hoo!

Ann Combs
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