Thursday, December 8, 2011


For Fri: Things are gearing up for the full Moon on Sat! Today the Moon will be in Gemini all day. Gemini is a sign that is personable & capable of the deepest thought. You are able to think deep thoughts & take charge today as well.

The full Moon and eclipse will be at 6:38 A.M. Pacific Standard Time! It can cause a scattered or excessively busy time the day before. People can be distracted so please be careful if you are driving or traveling. Eclipses can make people tired so try not to overdo it. Eclipses can give a new perspective and this one is about getting past your emotions. It can also center on communication & learning. There may be a tug of war with the personal side of your life & the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the luckier energy today and on Sat.

You may have some new insights about the big picture and feel more like going international with your idealism. There can also be good writing ability at this time. You may also have some interesting & hopefully helpful or healing dreams!

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Have a good one!

Ann Combs :D

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