Wednesday, December 14, 2011


For Thur: Today the Moon will be in sunny Leo until 7:59 P.M! We have a really cheery afternoon and evening to look forward to because Jupiter will be trining the Moon! This creates super good feelings and is good for emotional healing! Your inner wealth aligns and expands too! In the evening the Moon will trine both Jupiter & Pluto and this is awesome! Both Pluto & Jupiter are passionate about people, relationships, truth & justice. Both planets are about excess as well! This evening you will really enjoy the important people in your life! It is also a great time to do something for your pets or to do something to make the world a better place for animals! Moon in Leo is super talented and it is a do what you love and the money will follow kind of day! Enjoy your personal creativity! The Moon will go into the nurturing & good at making connections & multitalented sign of Virgo at 7:59 P.M! :D
A special thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog & told their friends about it-my blog is viewed in 25 countries!
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