Monday, December 5, 2011


For Tue: The Moon is inching toward Taurus tonight (Mon.) and will be going into Taurus at 6:36 A.M! This is great for several reasons! It's a big story that the Moon will be joining forces with the planet of good fortune Jupiter and this is a very big deal! You may already be feeling the good energy of this pairing! It was beautiful in the sky this evening to see them so close! Moon in Taurus is peaceful, pleasant & healthy. Jupiter is a super happy planet so things will be on the upward swing tomorrow! And if that's not enough the Moon will be getting good vibes from a lucky trine from Pluto rejuvenating your emotions & passions! To top it off the Sun will be joining energies with the North Node & Galactic Center! This means that it is a good day to go for something big & reach for the stars!

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