Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For Thur: the Moon will be in the calm & peace loving sign of Taurus! It is a good day to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Moon in Taurus is good for attracting the best into your life! The Moon will be making a square to Neptune as the day progresses. This is good for exaggeration of blissful feelings & is good for creative pursuits. Your love nature is strong today! This square can cause excessive trust in others and it's a good idea to double check all facts before signing a contract. The Moon will also be making the lucky sextile to Uranus the planet of enlightenment!

The sextile gives a clear wide awake feeling & an exhilaration of being so alive! Your intuition is electrical & you can make all kinds of strides with your life!

The Sun is still joining forces with the amazing Galactic Center & is still getting great support from Saturn helping you make your dreams a reality!

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Ann Combs

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