Thursday, December 1, 2011


For Friday: The Moon will be in sweet Pisces all day promoting gentleness & flow. The Moon will be squaring the Sun making for an exaggeration of both their energies. You may feel like things are out of proportion & they might be. On the plus side there can be sparks! The Moon will be opposite Mars and you may find that the way people are communicating is indirect & annoying. On the plus side this can be a good day for talking things through & making changes. You are able to fine tune the subjective areas of your life & emotions! The Moon will be making a nice trine to Juno and that is great for your personal life! The Sun is very busy too.

The Sun will be joining forces with Mercury and the North Node! This is great for expanding your world! Your intuition is strong & you can get a positive vision of your future. Promotes the good times with the people you like! Also good for finding your voice!

I received good news today! My ebook was promoted to the premium catalog which is an honor!!
Have a great day!
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