Wednesday, November 30, 2011


For Thur. The Moon goes into Pisces bright & early at 6:47 A.M; Pacific Time. What Moon in Pisces & Sun in Sagittarius have in common is that they are good at making connections & are both ruled to a degree by the lucky planet Jupiter! The Moon will be in just the right place to get the good energy side of both Venus & Pluto; & Jupiter! This is a very big deal! Pluto is all about passion & finding your truth. Venus is about getting what you want, love & prosperity and Jupiter is the big, over the top luck! There will be lots of opportunities to grasp & lots of decisions to make!

The Moon will still be joining forces with Neptune the planet of bliss in the morning. Neptune is wonderful but can be dreamy and clouded too. As the day passes the Moon will move away from Neptune but the good aspects mentioned above will still be in full swing!

Pisces is a gentle Moon that is great for finest consciousness & is super talented! :D

Have a great day!
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