Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Thursday the third: Today the Moon will be in the lightning fast sign of Aquarius! The Moon will be getting a supportive dynamic from Saturn. Aquarius is one of the signs that is linked with getting your rewards! Today could be a day of getting the good you deserve! As the evening approaches the Moon will be joining forces with the planet of bliss-Neptune. This is great for healing your emotions & if you need a miracle! Using your imagination constructively to imagine the best possible outcome could take you far today. You may also become too generous with others so count to ten before giving too much.

The Moon will also be in a good relationship to Galactic Center-the center of our galaxy. With this relationship & the Moon's pairing with Neptune-you can do something extraordinary today!

Venus the love machine will be going into Sagittarius which is lucky in love! Your optimism level will be bubbling over-enjoy it! ;D

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