Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Wednesday-today we are building toward the full Moon on Thur. at 12:17 P.M! This full Moon is sexy & sensual and you may get the good results you are hoping for! This Moon is about wants & excess and whether you are living your truth. Venus is joining energies with the North node and this is great for happy relationships! The stressful side of this full Moon can be in connection with power, wants & jealousy.

This is a day to stay away from unstable people if possible. Control issues may flare. On the plus side you may have a big, happy surprise in connection with your soul mate, your upcoming goals or finances or all of the above!

The full Moon can sometimes be felt a few days before & a few days after the actual time.

Luckily Wed. morning the Moon will still be joining energies with Jupiter the planet of feeling really good. You may wake up feeling light hearted and you may have had wonderful & helpful dreams! Have a great day!

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