Friday, November 4, 2011


For Saturday! The Moon will be in romantic Pisces all day! There is a lovely trine from the Sun in Scorpio and this is lucky emotionally for everyone! Also promotes healing of any hurts! You realize the power of love & your emotions are rejuvenated! If you are searching for truth-today is a day that you can find it in a super positive way! Trines indicate something handed to you such as talent, insight, a present or good fortune! The trine is with water signs & they are about emotions and this applies to everyone!

Mars the action planet will trine Galactic Center too! Mars is about what thrills you in life and it is being trined by the center of our galaxy! This is great for awesome peace, perception & centered feelings! You can go forward with your plans & be lucky with them! Both Mars & the G.C. are in fire. Fire energy is about spirituality, impulse & life. Today you may feel super energized and the gifts are about warmth, self expression & good health!


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