Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For Wed. The Moon will be in Aquarius all day! There are several great aspects, too!

The Moon will be getting a positive trine from Saturn giving you the validation & rewards you deserve! There is also considerable mental, social & artistic ability to go with this trine! If you like to dance or sing this is a fine day to do it! Also good for tech, inventions & anything literary.

The Moon will be in good aspect to Galactic Center which is the center of our galaxy. This is good for emotional peace that is vast & expansive! Your emotions are centered and positive!

As the day progresses the Moon will be adding her charms to the planet of bliss Neptune. This is amazing for emotional, spiritual & psychic flow. Your heart expands limitlessly. Can be too trusting so make sure you are giving to the right people & causes.

Have a great day!
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