Monday, November 21, 2011


The Sun blasts into the fun & fiery sign of Sagittarius at 8:10 A.M. Pacific Time. This is a big transitions from the watery energy of Sun in Scorpio. There is still an interest in the adult relationship, objectivity and an interest in the truths of life. Sagittarius is a spiritual/mental energy & is very lucky! These rays are ruled by the lucky star Jupiter and promote self understanding & the understanding of the big picture.

The Sun in Sag also gives the ability to know right from wrong and to know what is right for you in regards to life, love and ideality. Also promotes the ability to find answers, discover what the future holds and to expand your world favorably! This is a great time to ask yourself those important questions because not only will you detect the answers-it will be a happy discovery! These rays are good for increase whether it's your knowledge, your relationship or your bank account or all of the above. The timing can be fast. These rays are so lucky that there may be temptation to take big risks. These rays can be accident prone so this is a bad time to practice extreme sports or stunts. Better safe than sorry is the truth here. Aside from that this is a fortunate cycle for 29 days that promotes harmony & being able to connect with those you love & care about!
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