Saturday, November 5, 2011


For Sunday-the Moon starts out in chill Pisces-excellent for drowsing & catching up on sleep. We get an extra hour this morning as we shift from daylight to standard time!

Then at 11:03 A.M; the Moon goes into Aries kicking things into high gear! The Moon will be in Aries until Tue. night.

All day the Moon will be joining forces with Uranus the planet of intuition, enlightenment & friendship! This is great for exciting times with those you care about!

Pluto will square the Moon intensifying relationships for good or ill-there may be questions about the connection-is it love or is it lust?

Mercury will trine the Moon-great for communication, travel & learning in ways that are fun!

Venus will also trine the Moon & this is good for getting more than what you need-you can get what you want! Promotes good times & the real deal! ;D

The Sun is sextile Pluto & this is good for healing in body, mind & soul-

Have a great day!

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