Friday, November 18, 2011


For Saturday-the Moon will be in Virgo all day! It will be joining forces with Mars the action planet! This is great for having a lot of energy & drive! Your intuition & instincts will be in more than just in synch, they will be joining forces! They will be trining Jupiter the lucky one too! If you have a humanitarian cause including those to make the world a better place for animals the energies are with you!

As the day progresses the Moon will be making a delicious square to Venus! This square is good for taking it easy & enjoying what life has to offer! My take on this is that it's a great morning for getting it done then indulging yourself (even if it's only a nap!) in the afternoon.

Moon in Virgo is good for fixing intellectual, health and/or employment problems.

Sun in Scorpio is good for fixing emotional, sexual and/or joint finance problems.

Pluto in Capricorn is good for fixing spiritual and/or career problems.

We have all these placements tomorrow too!

Have a great day!
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