Monday, November 14, 2011


For Tue! Today the Moon will be in Cancer all day. It will be squaring Saturn which can indicate a day which tests your feelings. Luckily this transit is short lived!

The grand trine in earth is still in effect & this is good for all things physical! Jupiter our favorite benefactor is in good relationship to Mars the ambition & action planet as well as to Pluto the serious passion planet. Venus the love magnet is joining energies with the North Node & this is great for finding your good luck! It is also good for finding your voice, enjoying some excess & for luxury!

Venus is in lucky Sagittarius which is good for getting the the big picture viewpoint!

Neptune-planet of bliss is squaring the Sun & can blur the lines of individuality. Can also work the guilt. Do for yourself as well as for others. Can promote idealism, artistic, musical, dance, literary, photography talents! Avoid contracts if possible.

Have a great day!
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