Saturday, November 26, 2011


For Sunday-the Moon will be in Capricorn all day! The cool thing about the Moon in Capricorn will be that it forms a wave or bridge of energy! The wave starts with Galactic Center then pours into Venus then into Pluto then into the Moon. The wave starts in Sagittarius then goes into Capricorn! These are the 2 highest & most visible signs in the zodiac. It's a great day to reach for the stars and to get out there!

Both signs are spiritual and humanitarian. Sagittarius is destiny & relationship geared and Capricorn is about creating your destiny and taking charge. Today there is some of both so you can flow and you can take charge or create. Both signs have perspective and are clear on the future. A great day to go for what you believe to be the highest & the best!

Have a great day!
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