Sunday, November 13, 2011


For Monday-the Moon went into Cancer near midnight at 11:20 P.M. Cancer energy is the deepest energy in the zodiac. This is a time when it is natural to go with the flow & to nurture others. The Sun is in Scorpio which is water as well. With both Sun & Moon in water your emotions are strong & so is your perception. There are lots of planets in the cardinal (active) signs today so your energy level is high & you can get a lot done! The Moon is making lots of energy exchanges with other planets today. Some are pleasant & others are challenging. First the good news: The Moon is getting good energy from the big kahuna Jupiter-this is GREAT!, this promotes feelings of joy & relief. Also great for travel, refined perception & is prospering!

There is also good energy from Mars-the what you think is interesting enough to go after planet. This puts your instincts & emotions in synch.

Not my favorite-the Moon is getting a kick in the bum from Uranus. This can make for abrupt changes. The Moon is opposite Pluto and this can cause power swings. Can also be good for truly fixing a problem.

THE GRAND TRINE mentioned in yesterday's blog is still radiating it's beneficial vibes to us! :D

There will likely be some more good news posted later today-

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