Friday, November 11, 2011


For Saturday-today the Moon will be in Gemini and will be trining an asteroid called Vesta. This is good for validation and harmony between home life & humanitarian work! You are able to keep the home fires burning & to shine as a friend and/or humanitarian! There is also good energy from the grand trine! The grand trine is when 3 or more planets align super favorably! One piece of good luck often brings 2 more!

Jupiter the happy go lucky golden goose will be trining Mars improving our health, working conditions and boosting our strength! Mars then energizes Pluto and you can put your energy into making your life the way you want. Also good for helping you find your soul mate or find time to spend with them. Then Pluto energizes Jupiter and this gives enormous opportunities that are super positive! This grand trine is in effect through Dec. 4th!

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