Saturday, November 19, 2011


For Sunday: the Moon will be in the great at sorting it out, getting it to work better & peace of mind sign of Virgo! The Moon will be making the lucky sextile to the Sun which is good for harmony for both men & women. It is also good for luck with the past, present & future aligning in a positive way! Whenever there is a good dynamic with the Sun & Moon it means that your thoughts (the Sun) & your emotions (the Moon) are working together harmoniously! And this sextile is no exception-there are lots of perks & they are major!

The Moon will transition to the sign of fun, flirty & likes to socialize Libra at 5:17 P.M. Pacific Time! The Sun & Moon will still sextile & now there is more emphasis on the one to one adult relationship. The Moon will also be opposite Uranus making for brilliance,intuition & genius but not necessarily stability. If you stay calm this could be very illuminating!
Have a great one!
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