Saturday, January 7, 2012


For Sunday the 8th of Jan.

The full Moon is 11:31 p.m; Pacific time. This is a super energetic f. Moon that is about career, home, real estate, your goals & happiness. You are easily able to get in touch with your deep feelings. You may feel pulled in 2 directions however. This Moon is about your deepest needs & your highest aspirations which is a lot! There is a favorable placement of a planet that can diffuse the tension and the planet is Mars. There is a super lucky trine from Mars to the Sun adding to your calmness, ability with detail and organizational abilities. Mars is also in good aspect to the Moon bringing a constructive calmness & syncopation of feelings & drive!

This could be a great day to assess your future & make plans. Writing is favored. There may be a bigger surprise than expected, goals accomplished & impasses broken up! This is a great time to gently reach for the stars!

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