Thursday, January 12, 2012


For the 13th:

Today the Moon will be in Virgo all day. The Moon will be making the lucky trine to the Sun! This is good for both a good day emotionally (The Moon) & a good day intellectually (the Sun.) The trine also promotes the good times and good relationships for both men & women! As the day passes the Moon will join forces with Mars giving a unity of instinct and emotion. Your actions & feelings will be in syncopation. There is also the potential for anger as well as ambition so it's a good idea to avoid the people & things that make you mad unless you can help it!

Mars makes a wonderful trine to the Sun which is great for health & for having lots of get up & go!

You may enjoy the video about Uranus that I made for 2010. Uranus is still in Aries & the video is still current. AnnCombs1 on youtube.

Have a great day! I still have some copies of my book Astrology And Your Lucky Star if you would like to order one!

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