Wednesday, January 18, 2012


For Jan. 19th.

Today the Moon will be in lively Sagittarius and joining energies with the North Node! This is great for all things personal & big picture in terms of luck. The Moon is the subconscious nature, home life & inner wealth. This means that at the subconscious level you will have positive feelings & synchronicity with good fortune!!!!Venus is doing her part to add to the good energy today and is sextiling Jupiter. Both Venus & Jup are the lucky stars & having them interact harmoniously increases their good energy even more! The sextile lasts for awhile too-through Jan. 24th!

My book got a great review! It's under Ann Combs Astrology and Your Lucky Star!

My ebook is on a big sale from the usual price of $14.95 to $5.95!

Have a great day!
Ann Combs

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